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Getting Started
Getting started with affiliate marketing is easier than you think. You can be up and running by the end of the day. To be honest with you, you could be having your first campaign up and running in an hour. The first thing that you need to do is find your niche. What is a niche, you may ask? A niche is described as a job, activity, etc., that is very suitable for someone. That means in this case it will be a product or service that will suit you. Something that you know a lot about. Or you need to study it up so that you can be able to present it to your audience. There are a lot of niches out there, it could be weight loss, bodybuilding, or something like that. But whatever it is, you will need to know about it so that your customers will know that you know what you are talking about. Customers will like to know that you know what you are talking about if you are trying to introduce a product to them.
After you pick your niche and know what it is that you want to work with, now it is time to find companies that have what you want. You can pick one company or more than one to work with. I myself usually use more than one company to do my marketing with, because they all have different picks; you do not want to make a site with just one product on it, unless you are blogging about that particular product. 
Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of sites that promotes just one product, but you are going to be working with  multiple companies, so you want to be able to get as many products out as you can. Just make sure that your website target towards your niche, or it will not be able to be found in the search engines. You will learn more about that later. 
Sales Funnels

If you sell online, or market for leads online, you definitely have a sales funnel. You may not know what your sales funnel is, but you have one.

The question is: how effective is your funnel?

When we map out a business’s funnels and assign numbers to them, they’re usually stunned by how many people drop out at each step.

In this example, we have only 5 steps and we start with 100,000 fans:

Only 5 sales? We lost 9,995 people in the process? Crap!

In digital marketing, the number of people lost at each funnel step is gigantic. It’s amazing to me that anyone sells anything online. And, in reality, many people fail.

Many much tears.

Unfortunately, many business people assume that online sales and lead gen is easy. In fact, it’s near-impossible.

Successful sales online (including inbound lead gen and offline sales) requires:

  1. Great planning,
  2. Lots of iteration (that’s the fancy word for trial and error), or
  3. Sheer luck.

The ones who succeed by sheer luck don’t learn anything. Usually they fail with their second business attempt and can’t figure out what happened.

Successful digital marketing requires:

  • An offering people want,
  • Marketing well planned and executed,
  • Testing,
  • Time, and
  • Money.

That’s the truth about selling online, and it’s not sexy. Unless you think executing wisely and achieving business profits is sexy. That would be like calling Gandalf sexy. Well I suppose there is someone out there who has… anyway-

To me digital marketing is not about sexiness or fun (though you can definitely have fun with the testing). It’s about finding and using a system that gets you results.

If you want to confront the cold hard facts and succeed, then you need to overcome the 5 most common mistakes that businesses make with their digital sales funnels. Get your copy now and get start making money like the Gurus.


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Must know

Affiliate marketing can be the most complicated Internet marketing practice because affiliates are essentially independent sales representatives. They have no vested interest in the success of the organizations they promote, nor do they have control over the actual products they market. Most of the affiliate marketers have the view that their objective is to sell goods and services. That may be true, but how an affiliate goes about doing that is the difference between failed (and broke) marketers and successful super-affiliates, which is what all affiliate marketers are looking to become.



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